1.1. Getting the Roll

The zfs-linux roll is supplies ZFS in source form ONLY. This is to comply with the licensing of ZFS that does not allow binary redistribution. This means that ZFS must be built on your frontend and the binaries added to your local cluster distribution.

This edition of the zfs-linux roll requires you to manually build and add the binary version of the roll.


The roll follows the process at http://zfsonlinux.org to build rpms. This has the effect of installing zfs kernel modules on your frontend. If you do not want this, then you should build on a development server appliance.

If you choose the zfs-linux roll from a Rocks central server, you the source form of the roll will be installed for you. You must then go to the directory /opt/zfs/zfs-linux-roll-source and build the binary version of the roll. The files in that directory are contained in the called zfs-linux-roll-source-0.6.0-rc12.x86_64.rpm. This source can be installed on a Rocks Development Server. To make the binary version of the roll

# cd /opt/zfs/zfs-linux-roll-source
# make binary-roll

If your roll rebuild completed properly, you should see output similar to the following indicating the binary packages that have been built and are part of your local binary roll

roll-zfs-linux-kickstart-0.6.0-0: 9f3dc5cfb37c5025924222c0707b46b2
roll-zfs-linux-usersguide-0.6-0: 05c6edbdbcf46cc1395d9e296ab427b3
spl-0.6.0-rc12: fb8230830b0524e0e8fe2328b2894df0
spl-modules-0.6.0-rc12.6.32_220.13.1.el6: 79a11d04f63b899d8b5dd1b1c5996aae
spl-modules-devel-0.6.0-rc12_2.6.32_220.13.1.el6: b42975737edb986f65635480f1ada7fe
zfs-0.6.0-rc12: 9c10037dacc5595fbdcaf527181ac878
zfs-devel-0.6.0-rc12: 073ab7f991089b46a160867c9645ad68
zfs-dracut-0.6.0-rc8: b8e0ad3d479ab1f85ffbadfc9cf24062
zfs-modules-0.6.0-rc12.6.32_220.13.1.el6: 287f75756a6aa92f8688de4b80d6c183
zfs-modules-devel-0.6.0-rc12.6.32_220.13.1.el6: 5e17ca87a58e06f63bbeb6ed46b834d3
zfs-source-roll-0.6.0-1: 5c9de1926da9c9cd53293a7d5b60acd8
zfs-source-modules-0.6.0-1: 13995fa53ffd2f7d12e7cd9f77336a93
zfs-test-0.6.0-rc12: eff799a298b011bf49bf73359a4cc54e

If you build on a development server, you must first copy the created iso image to the frontend. Once you have the iso image (in the directory where you made the binary roll on the frontend or copied to the frontend from a development server, you need to add the roll and rebuild the distribution.

# rocks add roll zfs-linux*iso
# rocks enable roll zfs-linux
# pushd /export/rocks/install
# rocks create distro
# popd

At this point, any client nodes can be reinstalled with ZFS support. You can enable ZFS on your frontend by "running" the roll on the frontend

# rocks run roll zfs-linux | sh

1.1.1. Enabling ZFS Support on nodes/appliances

Any node or appliance can have ZFS support added to it. Whether or not ZFS is installed on a node is controlled by an attribute called zfs. The attribute should be set to true, if ZFS support is desired for the node.

Example: to enable ZFS on all NAS appliances, do the following

# rocks add appliance attr nas attr=zfs value=true